Friday, March 20, 2009

Another good news/bad news deal

First a complete digression to say that I had an awesome dessert last night. When we went out to dinner the night before, we brought home our second dessert to eat last night. Macadamia pie. Think pecan pie that's not too sweet and substitute macadamia nuts... It was incredible. I might attempt to make it for Thanksgiving instead of pecan pie.

Yesterday I went back to PT. The therapist said she wanted to do a reassessment of where I am to compare to how I was in mid-February when I first went. The good news is that there is some improvement in certain areas. She is seeing more stability in my back and the area that gave me the most frequent, sharpest pain is now down to a periodic dull ache. I have even graduated to new exercises on my big inflatable ball. That's all the good news.

Then the bad news is that I only have a 30-40% improvement and she is seeing continued abnormal nerve tension in the nerves in my legs, which (if you remember anatomy) come down from your lower back. She brought up the fact that I have two more PT sessions scheduled and then she thinks if there is not significant improvement, I should go to the pain clinic people to see if they can do anything for me. (Those are the people with big needles and stuff - did I mention I hate needles?) So I go back next Thursday and the following Monday and then we will decide. In the meantime, I will keep doing my exercises and taking the anti-inflammatories I have.

My new exercises are using the big inflatable ball which is a good thing. Most of my old exercises were lying on the floor. This meant the cat thought I was lying down so he could sit on me. Have you ever tried doing exercises with a 16+ lbs. (of porky) cat sitting on your chest? Maybe that's why I have so little improvement - I'll blame kitty. The other thing about my new exercises is that I do them on a mat on the living room floor. This keeps me very well informed about how badly the living room rug needs vacuuming. Perhaps I shall do that today. No wait, I have a bad back, I can't vacuum.

Anyway on a more positive note, I have one crocus bud that I know of. I have lots of other ones sprouting but only one bud so far. I will keep my eye out for more - and take pictures of course when they start blooming. Today I am not as over scheduled but I have to finish my volunteer work and look at our taxes that have been sitting here done for over a week now. Then I am meeting a friend for lunch and another friend for a walk. Its going to be a nice wintry day - too bad its the first day of spring. We could use some warm weather!

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