Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Auspicious Start

I woke up this morning. That was key. But the important word is morning. I slept all night for the first time in weeks. I am very excited. Perhaps I will be less crabby. Does this mean my back doesn't hurt either? No. It still hurts. The same chronic nagging pains. Grr. Grr. Grr. But today is starting off well.

Another auspicious moment was reached yesterday when I found a little yellow iris blooming in the garden. Today I will attempt to photograph it in focus. I have a couple fuzzy pictures from yesterday but today I will make a second try.

So yesterday I was busy (which means I did not have enough time to waste on the internet). I met a friend for breakfast and then did some stuff at home before running errands and going for a walk with a friend, got my nails done, and then out to dinner with my husband. Actually there was a third auspicious event yesterday. The woman who does my nails told me the last time I was there that she had a lump on her thyroid and was going to an oncologist for a biopsy. She has a benign tumor and a cyst, which they will drain, and she may need surgery but benign is benign. She said she was going nuts waiting for 7 days to get her biopsy results and wondered how I could do it. But she is definitely in a much better mood than two weeks ago.

Last night we discovered a new restaurant. I had heard good things and it was restaurant week so we wanted to try it. It was very crowded (so in the future we will always make a reservation) but the food was awesome. I will tell you the name but you must promise not to go when we want to so we can get in. Its Masa in Woburn. Very, very good. We ate in the dining room. Apparently they serve tapas in the bar so we will need to go back to try those. They also serve brunch so we will need to go back twice. I think back to the times during chemo and other parts of treatment where eating had no appeal. (Did I get back into my size 8 wardrobe? No, of course not. Where's the justice here? In treatment, cant eat, but don't lose weight? But I digress.) Now I appreciate going out to eat again and eating food that I enjoy. So I guess life is getting better. (If my back would stop hurting, I might say, life is good.)

I have also decided to stop kitty's eye drops. Last one was yesterday morning. In 24 hours, he is no longer the total food hog and has reverted to his normal self, meaning he does not get stressed out begging for food. He just sits and stares at you until you feed him. I will continue to watch his eye and if it gets worse, I'll think about restarting them. Anyway, cat's eye drops are bad for my back because each one involved picking up his delicate 18 lbs and wrestling him on to his back and putting in two drops. And his cooperation skills are unparalleled. When he doesn't want to do something, he doesn't want to do something. And I wonder why my back would hurt after each eye drops session.

So today I will take my sleep filled body off to run some errands before the stores get crowded. Then when the sun comes out I will do a little gardening and go for a walk. But first I will do my exercises...

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