Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My last PT

Yesterday I went for my last PT session. This isn't to say I won't ever go to PT again - there is a possibility after a few sessions with the people with big needles (a/k/a the pain clinic), I may be back for more. PT was helpful. Some areas which were painful are less so but there are new areas of pain (continuing the worsening cycle that had been going on since late November) and some areas just didn't improve. So I am off to the pain clinic. Gee, can't wait. NOT! I hate needles. I don't know how many times I can say this.

Once I was having knee surgery and they didn't want to give me general anesthesia for some reason and wanted to do an epidural (translate that to big needle stuck in your spine) and I almost refused to have the surgery. I didn't want a big needle. (I think they gave me some medication in my IV so I would agree to this in the end.) Looking back, it wasn't as bad as I thought but I still hate needles.

Yesterday I also went to work and went to the gym. It was another cold rainy day. Today is supposed to be warm and sunny. I plan on working from home, meeting a friend for coffee and going for a walk in the sunshine (not working on a tan or anything, just absorbing Vitamin D). I also have my support group and am meeting a friend for dinner. We had originally planned to have dinner in January. One or the other of us would get sick or there would be a snow storm and now it is the end of March...

Today I also need to go out and inspect my garden. All the rain followed by lots of sun shine should encourage lots of blooming plants. My biggest goal for today is to get ready for my job interview tomorrow morning. I need to be sure my resume is printed, my clothes are ready, and I have read up on the company before I go out today. Tomorrow I am sure I will end up rushing around so today I need to plan ahead.

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