Saturday, March 21, 2009

One healthy sign, we think

This isn't about me, its about the cat for a change. Four years ago, we took the cat to the vet who said 'he needs his teeth cleaned'. So we brought him back and left him for the day where they sedated him and he had his teeth cleaned. He seemed fine and then started to be lethargic and lose lots of weight (1/3 of his body weight in six weeks) and it turned out he had pneumonia (and had a chest xray, antibiotics, and shots just like people do). He got better but some how in the process lost the ability to meow. Four years and no meow. He tries to meow but is silent. In the last few days, he can now meow. Its like he is making up for lost time. He meows a lot - particularly when he is hungry (which apparently is all the time). He doesn't understand this suffering in silence business. But anyway, he is returning to his normal self after four years of silence. But it is a return to normal which is important.

Yesterday, I was job hunting as usual. Of course the world is losing jobs and here I am looking for one. I stumbled across a listing that seemed right for me for marketing for a jewelry store. I sent in my resume after reading their website and then realized that the listing also said feel free to stop by our store. I said 'what the hell', and got in my car with my cover letter and resume and went. I mean why not? I could continue to read the lovely Craigs List postings for things for which I am completely unqualified or I can make the extra effort and go deliver my resume in person. Unfortunately I got there and someone else beat me to it and was there talking to the owner with her resume. So I waited and then talked to her for about 45 minutes and think it sounds pretty positive. She said she definitely would get back to me so I'll wait and see. In the meantime, I have to send my thank you note this morning.

Otherwise today (and this is VERY exciting) we are going to start putting garden furniture out, set up the rain barrel, and begin getting ready for the season. I am excited. My damn plants just have to cooperate by appearing and flowering (the weeds can take the year off).

Last night, my father got inspired that we should all go out to dinner to celebrate the first day of spring. So we did but I sat in a squishy chair for a couple of hours and my back apparently doesn't like squishy chairs. Last night I was up in the middle of the night and took an extra pain pill - hence the late start today. But I will do my exercises. After lying in bed in pain in the middle of the night again, the idea of the pain clinic (with big cortisone shots) doesn't sound like as bad and idea - now you know I am in pain if I am thinking positively about needles!!!!

Well off to make some breakfast before working around the house. This afternoon I am going for a walk and will stop by the farm stand to see about new seeds for my garden and a source of nice (organic) compost (a/k/a manure) which I will go pick up in the old car, not the new one. (New car smell with composted manure - no way!)

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