Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anterior uveitis

No, I don't have it, the cat does. It is a relatively common type of cat eye ailment but eye issues are fairly rare for cats. Well, at least we think it is just that. There could be a tumor in his eye which would be a different story. Apparently eye tumors for cats are not that uncommon but are usually contained in the eye. If it was a tumor behind the eye, that's a far different story.

The guess is anterior uveitis and the only way to confirm it is to pack kitty into his carrier and take him to a cat ophthalmologist. He doesn't travel well and would not do well with any transport. So plan A is the shot the vet gave him yesterday followed up with eye drops three times a day. I have to call the vet on Friday morning to see if it looks better. If not, then we go to plan B which may include kitty transportation. I am not sure I can carry him and his box with my back the way it is these days. We will wait and see but at least its not my ailment.

However, I am the one with the three times a day wrestling session to get drops in his eye. He doesn't like them and has already communicated that to me. He is very laid back until he decides he doesn't like something - cat carrier, car rides, pills, eye drops, shots, etc - and then he is very difficult to deal with.

In addition to having the vet here to take care of kitty, yesterday I worked from home, went to PT, met a friend for a walk and went to my support group. Yesterday's PT was not as successful as the previous one. There was no reduction in pain levels. I had some relief after last Thursday's session but the pain has been slightly increasing. Yesterday did not ease up the increase and the discomfort is growing. The therapist tried an ultrasound modality and then an electronic stimulation. She tried the ultrasound last Thursday and I felt better after but yesterday she added the electronic stimulation and said that if it helped, they could see about getting me a machine for home that I could use in the middle of the night if I had significant pain. However, not every one feels relief with the electronic stimulation and I was one of them... Three weeks into PT I would have hoped for more relief. This is disappointing to say the least. But I will go back on Friday and then weekly for three more weeks.

My walk with my friend was very nice - we walked in a place neither of us had ever been to (cemetery along the river) and we hadn't talked in quite a while. Then I went to my support group and for some reason walked out of there feeling more depressed than going in. A support group is a place to discuss our pain points and issues but sometimes it rubs a little too hard and is emotionally upsetting.

Today I will try not to have such high expectations (but it was a full moon yesterday so perhaps that is why). I have to work this morning and want to go for a walk when the rain stops. Then I am going to work and to a meeting and won't be home until about 830 tonight so a long day for me.

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