Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring, damnit!

Okay, I am done waiting. I officially want it to be spring. It is officially spring on the calendar but 31 degrees and frozen ground is not spring. I want my flowers to start blooming. Yesterday I went and bought some seeds to plant and then figured out that I have to wait until mid-May to plant them. I guess I need to go back to being the patient patient. I still am not very good at that being patient thing. (Maybe some day. Maybe I can stop being a patient - that might help too.)

Today I am left to my own devices - which can be a bad thing. My husband went to work for a few hours and I am here by myself. Now I could be constructive and do things like fold laundry and clean the house. Or I could do things like watch the movies I recorded on the DVR and crochet and sit around in my pajamas for a few hours. Hmmm... which would you pick? I will go for a walk later and get a few things at Trader Joes (provided I bring the list with me so I get what I need instead of wandering aimlessly around the store and coming home with things we didn't really need).

Yesterday I got up and my back was not happy. It stayed relatively unhappy through the afternoon. I went for a walk and came home. Then I realized my back STOPPED hurting for a few minutes. How exciting is that? Then I moved and it started again. But at least it stopped for a little bit.

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Debby said...

Oooh. I know. I'm heartily sick of cold.

And bald.

Those two things.

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