Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is springing - not quite sprung yet

I finally feel like spring is springing. The winter was hard for me because I couldn't go skiing! I could snow shoe but not ski. Very disappointing and I kept looking at all the lovely snow and wanting to go... Grrr!!!! Anyway, yesterday I went out in the 60 degree weather (in flip flops and avoided the few snow drifts in the back yard - snow drifts and flip flops don't actually go together very well) and did a little clean out. Actually, I took the little rake and cleaned out the gardens but found I can't bend over and pick things up with out my back hurting. So I raked in the front of the house, got my husband to pick things up, and then moved to the back of the house where I repeated. I have to figure out gardening with back pain because it could be a very long summer as well.

Anyway, under the leaves I found all sorts of new plants growing. Next step is compost. This is so exciting. I can't wait for spring. I just need to see some flowers to keep me happy. The crocuses should bloom soon. There are some that definitely have potential for blooming soon. Of course I will post pictures.

Yesterday, I got together with friends and we walked along the harbor in Boston and talked about summer things to do on the ocean. I think we all need summer! It was a nice day and my back survived relatively well. But then I came home and ended up icing it. I think all the time now either I am freezing cold from lying on an ice pack or having a hot flash with nothing in the middle!!! Very, very, very aggravating!

I think I have been lax on filling you in on PT. I am now down to weekly PT sessions. This is because of slow progress in improvement, full schedule of therapist, and me having to pay a $20 co-pay every time I go. I actually would prefer to go once a week for more weeks than to go twice a week for fewer weeks. I have three more sessions scheduled and then we'll go from there. So this week I don't go back until Thursday. In the meantime, I will do my exercises twice a day. Yesterday I also got a big inflatable ball to incorporate into my exercises as well.

Apparently the cat is upset with me. His food dish was substandard for hours yesterday. He likes his food dish to be full to the brim all day long and have his food nice and level all the time. I have put him on a diet and will only fill his dish in the evening before we go to bed and will even out his food during the day. This isn't good enough for him. He wants more. Well, he is a little pudgy so he needs to suck it up and get over it. And I have the nerve to give him eye drops three times a day as well. His life is so tough! Today I have work to do and will go for a walk before going to work. Such an exciting life I lead.

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Debby said...

Caroline - maybe I've missed it, but why are you having PT?

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