Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exercising and the cat

This morning I did my exercises, as I do twice a day in the faint hope they will improve my back. Four of them are done while lying on my back and one while lying on my stomach. Apparently, this is when the cat believes he should demand my attention by sitting on me. It is counter productive for him to do this but he doesn't seem to care. He either wants to sleep on or next to me (and my hair - which he really likes) or have me feed him. His life is so complicated.

Last night I actually got some sleep so I feel better. I didn't sleep all night but I slept most of it. Perhaps some crabbiness will be avoided. My back seems a little better but I am still reserving judgment at this point. I will talk to the PT about this today and see what she says.

Yesterday I did actually go to the gym because it was snowing. Today I hope it will all melt and my garden will reappear and I can wait for my flowers to bloom.

Today is another overscheduled day; conference call, PT, vet, walk with friend, support group, work from home. Not much. I'll squish it all in.

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