Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I am not overscheduled

There are two things on my calendar: go to PT and then go to work. But since I can't let that happen, I will do the following as well: spend 30 minutes cleaning the house, go to the gym, go to the hardware store and see about getting a new handle for the rake that broke, start a new crafts project (more on this below), do some volunteer work from home, and maybe return the cable box and get the dvr that I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks and then set it up and reprogram it. Now I can be overscheduled because all these things need to happen before 12 noon when I go to PT. And I'm still sitting here in my pj's without any breakfast (but on my second cup of coffee).

So yesterday morning there was a commercial on TV for a local garden center that I can walk to (a dangerous occurrence) which inspired me for a destination for my walk. While there, I found this nice straw hat and I need a gardening hat. But it is very plain. Walking home, I started thinking - what if I decorate it? I have ribbons and little flowers left over from our wedding four years ago. I have tacky glue and a needle and heavy duty thread. I think I am on to something here. Here is a before picture of my hat. I will post an after picture later on. Never mind that I have enough problems finding time to read a book these days or that I have several half finished/barely started crocheting projects in the works.

I am ready for my trip to PT. I have my list (I always have lists) of pain issues - when it hurts, what I did, etc. I just want it to stop hurting. Yes, today I am tired and my back hurts. How's that for two novel occurrences in one day?

Anyway, this week is Restaurant Week - well this week and next week are Restaurant Weeks. This is very cool when lots of high end restaurants have a prix fixe menu for $33.09 pp for a three course meal. We use Restaurant Week as the time to go out to fancy restaurants. Last night we went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant and I had an amazing piece of chicken. It didn't taste like chicken. It was incredible. We split our dessert and brought home the second one so tonight we get leftover macadamia nut pie for dessert. See we are still working on the social life/having fun thing.

Proof that the cat really does drink out of the sink.

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