Thursday, March 12, 2009

News and more news, but what to believe?

Yes, I read the paper (and do the cross puzzle and read the comics) and watch the news. There have been some recent stories that appalled me and amazed me. First of all, we have our 'pal' Bernie Madoff. He stole billions in a Ponzi scheme that for some reason went undetected for years. He is going to plead guilty today in court. There will be no trial so we will probably not hear any of the details but we will hear from some of his victims. I think the hope is that he will go to jail for the rest of his life, go directly to jail, and never return to his penthouse. Unfortunately with no trial, we won't hear about how this happened. I heard yesterday that his family is under investigation to see if he had help - which is believed to be the case so perhaps there will be trials later on... after the money is all safely in the Caymans or Switzerland. The appalling part of this is that it was so big and done for so long.

Speaking of appalling, how about the case of the doctor who FAKED HIS RESEARCH. What? How did that happen? I don't know but this is just further proof that all research needs to have additional research to show that it is really the case. This isn't to say that people routinely fake research but just because one test shows it worked doesn't mean it will be reproducible and will work again.

But what is really, really, really appalling is the story of the guy who tried to get out of a lawsuit by claiming he had colon cancer. He had fake doctor letters and even pretended on the phone to be a doctor telling the judge about it.

So we hear about these three losers (or you can feel free to substitute another term in there) and then the media tells us to believe them. How can we? There was a story on BBC recently about a breakthrough in prevention of metastases from breast cancer. But this was only proven to work on mice. So they tell us and now we have to wait a few years before they can prove it might work humans. Sigh. Am I that patient? Not sure. Do I believe the media? No I am more of a skeptic every day.

Otherwise, I had another overscheduled busy day yesterday (surprise, surprise). After work I had a meeting and by the end of it, I was completely exhausted. I went home and went to bed. Why am I so tired? I don't know. Maybe because I haven't been sleeping very well recently. But as a result of being so tired, I actually slept pretty well last night for a change. My back was hurting moderately when I went to bed so I took a pain pill - which might have helped.

Today I am not as over scheduled (saving that for tomorrow) but I do get to deal with unsnarling doctor appointments. I was supposed to have a follow up mammogram in May, per the surgeon. I saw the radiation oncologist in February and she said she would make sure that it was in the computer for May with a follow up with the surgeon and I should come back and see her in August. Well, yesterday I got my latest appointment listing and I have a mammogram for May and an appointment with her on the same day. So now I get to call her office back and the surgeon's office and perhaps the mammogram office to untangle this mess. gee, can't wait. I'll have a book to read while I am on hold. Are you confused now? Well, so am I.

On the other hand, the cat is doing better. And he doesn't hate me for the eye drops (yet) but he does rebel sometimes. More kitty treat bribes required. But his eye looks better.

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