Saturday, March 7, 2009

A very important day - we are going to the beach!

Yes, its Boston. Yes, there is snow on the ground. Yes, its March. Yes, the water will be too cold (36.3 degrees - I checked) to swim or wade. But we are going to the beach. The weather forecast for today is sixty degrees - that is ABOVE ZERO. This is one of my favorite places to go in the whole world. I can't wait. And on the way home, we get to stop for clams. My favorite food. I can't wait. (Or did I say that already?) Can you tell I am excited? It will be low tide in early afternoon which means there will be lots of beach to walk on. I can't wait. I can't wait. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning!

My husband is going to the beach too. He says he will be patient while I take millions of pictures. I can't take millions but I can take a lot - my camera battery is recharging as I write.

In addition to going to the beach and having clams, we are going out to dinner for my mother's birthday tonight and I will do laundry this afternoon. This will be the test. The past two Saturday nights my back has been very sore. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not or if it caused by the one thing I usually do every Saturday - which is laundry. Hmmm... We will see. This is a test.

Speaking of my back, yesterday it was actually mostly okay for the whole day. The PT tried an ultrasound modality on the really sore place on my lower back and it seems to have made a difference. But then today I woke up and it is causing me pain. Grrr!!! But I will just suffer in silence at the beach and while eating clams.

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