Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An adventure with follow ups

Just some day I want to leave a doctor without them saying anything more than 'see you in a year'. Yesterday I had my physical. What a fun start to the day. I went to the blood lab for a blood test. Then today I am going to the dermatologist to look at the rash from last year that came back. I was told then it was probably either an eczema or psoriasis type thing but she didn't want to biopsy it because it was on the area of my skin that was radiated with would cause lots of scarring. Well, now its on my arm and leg so may be a biopsy? How fun? In two places? Double the fun! Eczema is an allergic reaction. Psoriasis is an immune system type thing. Allergies I can deal with.

Next Monday I get to go for an abdominal ultrasound to figure out if its just a bunch of scar tissue in my lower abdomen or a 'something else'. Once you have cancer, you don't get to just have an undiagnosed 'something else'. They like to take lots of pictures and images and then biopsies sometimes too. I also get to go for the annual photograph of the 'granuloma' (just a fancy word for thingamabob in my lungs which I have had for years and years). They just like to have pictures of it every year. (Can you picture the photo series: the aging of the granuloma?)

After that wonderful adventure, I met a friend who works at the hospital for a chat and then I went to the pain clinic. There was a very nice man who was also a patient who was back for a second shot because the one he had five years ago stopped working. He had a cane and told me that the 'needle was as big as his cane'. That made little old needle-phobic me more comfortable. So I got him back because he was the patient after me. I told the doctor (who also has a sense of humor) and nurses about his comments. They made sure to tell him they were getting the really big needle for him.

My question though is why does the local they give you hurt so much when they put it in? It was very painful. The injection then was not painful but the steroids spreading down my legs was. But then it went away. But then it was achy. I got an ice pack. I went home with my ice pack and leaned against it and watched trashy romance novels made into crappy movies on TV with my cat and a cup of herbal tea. Then I felt better. Actually I did feel okay. I was not allowed to drive for the rest of the day because of the local. Last night my hip was sore more than my back - interesting twist. This morning I feel okay. I got to start taking my anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants again so I took some as soon as I got home.

The next step is to see how the shot is working in two weeks. I will call and we will discuss. If it is working well, we will move on to resolving the other issues in my back - the doctor said 'you have lots of things wrong with your back'. If it is working so-so, I will get a second shot about a month later and then we will move on to the other issues. If it didn't really work, then we will move on to the yet to be disclosed Plan B for my lower back issues. This is not a single visit thing. I should have the results of all my tests and other adventures in a couple of weeks so I'll go back to being the patient patient and suffer in silence a while longer.

On the good news front, the cat's giant lump on his jaw seems to be somewhat smaller and he seems a little perkier. This means perhaps it is only an abscess (and that he might need surgery) which is better than untreatable cancer. Now he can become the patient patient like me. He is happy to be a patient provided his life involves lots of kitty treats.

Now today once again, I am overscheduled. I am going for my daily walk (which I missed yesterday), doing some volunteer work, taking the car for an oil change, going to the doctor, and then to work at 1pm. Perhaps its time to get off the time suck of a computer and get moving.

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