Monday, April 20, 2009

Losing my nice

This weekend I caught myself being a crabby b*tch several times. Unfortunately pain and lack of sleep making me lose my 'nice' at times. You try it - don't get enough sleep, live on pain meds, wake up in pain nightly, and never get enough rest - and then try to be a normal nice person. Ain't happening. A body needs sleep and freedom from pain to be nice all the time. I think I shall just go hide under a rock until this ends. That way I don't have to worry about offending anyone if I don't interact with them.

Today I am preparing for the Boston Marathon. I have a schedule to keep. The first racers in the wheel chair division go at 922am (don't know why it isn't 930, or 920, or even 925 - sort of like why do baseball games start at 135 or 705), then the women start, then the elite men and then all the rest. The wheel chairs should finish by the time the runner's races start to get interesting. Then the Red Sox start at 11 am so I can even flip channels by myself. Well the cat will accompany me throughout this. He thinks when I watch TV, I am doing it for his comfort and he might get treats. This will occupy me until about 130 when I will go for a walk and see the beginning of the parade - where a friend's son is marching. Then run errands and that's my day.

Growing up in Lexington, I never realized that there was anything going on outside of town. In town, there is a kids parade (that I marched in probably 10 times - a rite of passage if you grow up in town), followed by pancake breakfasts, hang out with friends and then the big parade in early afternoon. We would make a day of it. I never knew there was a little road race going on near by. Then in the 1970's they added the reenactment - originally held in the afternoons but for a crowd control measure, they hold it at the actual time of 545am. Apparently riffraff doesn't get up early and cause problems. Now I skip most of the Patriots day stuff and watch everything on TV. How times have changed!

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