Sunday, April 26, 2009

In a rush today

We wanted to head to the beach early - because its going to get cold later and high tide is early afternoon. The plan was go to the beach for the morning, go out for lunch and then return home. We slept later than we meant to which means we are now running later than we wanted.

The big news is the vet came for the cat yesterday. He might have an abscess on his jaw so he is on antibiotics. If so, they should start working in a day or so and then once the swelling goes down, we will evaluate and he might need a tooth or two pulled or something. But if not, she thinks its cancer for which there is nothing we can do. She thought he might have a tumor before which was causing his eye problems and now with this second swelling, she is more suspicious of it than before. Also, he is acting fine and eating well. He doesn't complain if you press on the lump. These are all signs it is not an abscess. This is very sad. We will know in a few days. He's only 14.

In the meantime, I have to give him an antibiotic twice a day. He hates pills. He will not open his mouth for me. But he will open his mouth for kitty treats. So this morning, I fed him a kitty treat. Then he thought he was getting another treat, but I dropped a pill into his open mouth. Then I gave him another treat. I hope he doesn't figure this out. I don't need a twice daily wrestling match with the determined kitty. He is very strong.

Tomorrow is big needle day. I would rather stress about kitty than big needles but we are going to the beach so I won't stress about anything but back pain.

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