Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My life is not exciting

Actually do I want my life to be exciting? Not necessarily, normal might be nice. But then can you define normal? Do you know a single person who is not unique in some way? So what makes a normal person if we are all unique? And the differences between us are what makes the world go round. The tolerance of other's unique features are what allow us to enjoy each other's company, learn from each other, and grow and learn. And all those intolerant people out there - the hate mongers who do things like advocate against others simply because they are different or believe in things they don't - are therefore by definition, stupid.

Anyway, so am I normal? Probably not. Actually I hope not but a normal life wouldn't be bad. What defines a normal life then? How about going to the doctor once or twice a year. Or not have continual health problems. Or not living in pain. Or being gainfully employed.

Speaking of gainful employment, daily I go peruse the job openings in hopes of finding ones that fit my background so I can send in my resume. It is kind of scary the jobs that are advertised. 'BUILD AN INCOME PIPELINE INSTEAD OF STANDING IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE' or 'MODELS & Juggler or Performer for POPULAR PHOTO magazine SUNDAY Apr 19' or 'Ladies, Don’t Need Much Sleep? 28-Day Sleep Research Study Age 18-35' are three examples from today alone. I believe the first one is what is known as a scam and the other two are pretty flaky and kind of scary (especially the third one). Anyway, I will skip these. But there are others out there.

Currently I am waiting to hear back on two jobs I interviewed for. Unfortunately due to the current lovely state of the economy, there are hundreds of people applying for every opening. I think the trick is to get your resume in immediately - within hours of posting so you are at least on the top of the pile. Or at least that's my theory.

Meanwhile, I am working 10-15 hours a week and doing another few hours from home. Not quite enough but I think the cat likes it that I am home much of the time so he gets treats and a lap to sit in regularly (but his lap sitting skills are detrimental to my typing skills).

Today's big exciting news is that I slept most (but not all) of last night and woke up feeling relatively rested and not in a lot of pain, just moderate pain. What did or didn't I do yesterday that would allow this to happen? I have no idea. I went for a walk, did a little gardening, ran some errands (and carried a slightly heavy bag 1 block), went to work for a while and made dinner. This isn't really different than any other day so I can't figure it out. But I am sure that the back issues will resurface later today. But perhaps my brain will work a little better than normal since I feel more rested.

Otherwise today (to continue my life in a rut), I will go for a walk, run some errands, do some work from home and go to work. I will also set up my new hummingbird feeder which is actually just new to me but that is fine (meaning it was free and will do the job). This is really a new tool designed to annoy the cat. He can watch them but not catch them. I am also going to try to make hummus this morning. I believe it shall be black olive and garlic... I have never made hummus. Well, I made hummus once that really didn't work out (don't ask me why) but now I have some tahini so I will give it a shot. Then lunch will be a hummus and lettuce sandwich if it does work.

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