Monday, April 13, 2009

Stupid people

I am sure you realize by now that I have a low tolerance for stupid people. But this woman clearly takes the cake. What was she thinking? She was a polar bear snack? (Not related to a scooby snack at all.) Maybe she thought they were cute and playful? Maybe she 'forgot' they have the capability to kill.

So here I am complaining about stupid people again when I am clearly in the brainless category. I forget everything. So for this weekend I made a list of things to do so I would be relatively productive. Well, I lost my list and didn't get any of them done. So now as a result, I have to be very busy today. Which will keep me inside for a while and hopefully it will warm up so I can go for a walk and do a little gardening. It was 31 degrees this morning, wind chill in the teens. (This is spring in Boston.)

Two more days until my new laptop arrives. But I shouldn't get too excited because that is the scheduled delivery day and will I actually be here when they show up? I have no idea. And these days have a way of changing.

I now have to get motivated and get moving. Perhaps breakfast will be a good start. Then work, then walk, gardening, and go to work.

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