Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahem! Being a patient does mean you have patience!

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting (and suffering in silence). Its all about me, its all about now. I am sick of being a patient patient. Yesterday I went to the pain doctor. I got there 10 minutes early (as they request) for my 830 appointment. Then I waited until after 9 for the nurse to come get me. She took my vitals (BP is 120/82 thank you very much), asked me some questions and said the doctor will be in to see me in a few minutes.

Half an hour later he shows up. After examining me (and bending me around and asking if it hurt) and asking a million questions, he said I have several things wrong with my back that are causing all this pain. He wants to start with the lower back and see if that can be resolved. Then he will move on to the other areas. This doesn't sound like a one stop trip here. He said the first thing to try is a cortisone shot in my spine - I HATE NEEDLES. If that doesn't work (60% of the time it does), they can try up to three shots, every six months. Then they can move on to more 'fun' options for the other areas. Pain radiates and when its your spine, it can hurt in your legs or neck far from the cause.

He left and said the nurse would be in to schedule the injection. So I waited another 20 minutes and she came in. The first available appointment is April 27 so I have to wait two weeks. Then I have to wait two weeks longer to see if the shot works. So that's another month. Great. #$%#%&*^&^$%$#$%&*(&*@&*&^%^$%%^&^&*##*!!!! (That's an unprintable grr, grr, grr.) My first doctor appointment for my back was December 30. And my back still hurts. And it may not stop for another month or more. No this doesn't make me crabby, it makes me very frustrated.

The injection is given in a surgical suite using a contrast agent (read get an IV - another needle) using x-rays to guide them so local anesthesia is given. Therefore I had to go down to pre-op admitting and wait around again to talk about insurance and health care proxy and living wills and 'as a hypothetical question if you are kept overnight do you want a clergy visit' conversations. It was a wonderful time!!! And the worst part was I finished my book 20 minutes after I arrived so I was reduced to 'waiting room literature' a/k/a People, Health, and Self magazines. Needless to say by the time I got home, my back was very sore, I missed my computer delivery, and was running late for the rest of my day. So I took pills and went for a walk to relieve stress.

One thing I did find out is that this is not genetic, I did not inherit anything from my parents to cause this. But it is just another 'lucky' event in the medical world for me. Or, we can call it another 'medical life lemon'. (I didn't make up that term but think it is appropriate.)

Today, I only have a really long day. Off to my therapist, then to get a hair cut, then to work, then to two volunteer meetings. Home around 8 or so tonight. We are having soup from the freezer for dinner. I also have to leave the thingy out for the Fed Ex guy to say its okay to leave my computer. I am dying to get it. A new gadget is a great reliever to back pain.

In the meantime, I am at war with the little rodents who are eating my plants. I put cayenne pepper in the garden last night. This is supposed to make plants less yummy to critters. All I know is it is cheap. My other choice is put the cat on a leash and keep him in the garden at all times. But since he hates the leash, I will stick with pepper.

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