Monday, April 6, 2009

A fun weekend

I am back from a fun weekend up in the mountains. Except what is worse than a long drive? A long drive with a sore back and squeaking windshield wipers! I will get new wiper blades soon! Anyway we had a great time. We ate all kinds of bad food (and then I made the mistake of weighing myself before I went to bed last night - never weigh yourself after dinner and after eating crap for a day or two). We also did our best to help the economy recover and went shopping at the outlets. I got so very good deals which means I got some new clothes but didn't spend a lot of money.

I was driving up north thinking that it has been a very long time, 2 years, prediagnosis, since I last drove a long way to get away without my husband (or someone else to drive me) so I guess its another step in the right direction. Unfortunately my back has decided that long car rides are not a good idea. I did stop and walk around a little but it didn't help too much.

My husband and the cat missed me. How can I tell? They both wanted food and attention. I think my husband just likes food better when I make it. The cat just thinks that he needs food more often than my husband thinks he does.

On Friday before I left, I got a packet of information from the pain clinic (where I have an appointment next Tuesday) with a questionnaire I need to fill out before I go. Most of the questions make sense - where does it hurt (back, hips, neck, etc), what are you doing when it hurts (anything at all - sitting, standing, walking, lying down), describe your pain, other medical issues, etc. But here's a couple that I don't get: 'what do you expect from your treatment at the pain clinic?' How about relief from the pain. And 'if your pain cannot be relieved, what do you plan to do?' Well, they are supposed to fix the pain. That is why I am going.

Today I have to do some work before going to work, and some volunteer work. And go for a walk. It looks like a nice day out there but looks are deceptive as it is only 36 degrees. But what is very exciting is that it is clearly almost spring. I now have several blooming crocuses, dwarf iris, and grape hyacinth. I also have some other buds that I can't tell what they are yet. Very exciting. Spring is here. Well, sort of.

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