Monday, April 27, 2009

Your day will be better than mine

Today is not a fun day. I am starting the day off with a physical, including a pelvic exam. Doesn't that sound like the highlight?? And then to top it off, I get the big needle thing as well. I was stupid and looked it up. I did not need to see the picture. Icky, ewy, yucky! I hate needles. If you are getting a root canal or something, it is possible your day will not be as fun as mine but right now, I think mine is the top of the list.

The cat is unchanged in his health. He acts the same and his jaw is still swollen. I found the way to get pills in him works sometimes but not all - get him to try to grab a treat, give him one, then a pill, and then another treat and he doesn't even realize what I did. But when he does spit it out (like last night), he had a smurf blue tongue and teeth (they have a blue coating on them). Nothing like a cat with a smurf blue mouth.

Yesterday we went to the beach. I did not get a sunburn. If you get a sunburn the day before a doctor visit, you get lectures. I used lots of sun screen. Someone else (who went with me and shall remain nameless) said "I don't need any sunscreen on my feet" and now has little rectangles of sunburn between his teva straps. We also went out for clams to ensure I am in the prime of my health before my physical. But for dinner we just had a big salad.

Did I mention my back hurt? Yes it did. It does not like sitting, standing, lying down, walking, riding in a car, etc. I iced it for a good deal of the afternoon and it was somewhat more cooperative. I assume that for my lovely 'procedure' they will give me a local and some other drugs so it will stop hurting. Then I can start taking all my other pills later today.

You may think its early but I have to be ready to leave in an hour and I still have to shower, get dressed, and get organized. Walter is dropping me off early on his way to work so I will eat breakfast at the hospital. (And then go get weighed as part of my physical - how smart was that?) My parents will giv me a ride home. This is one of those things that require transportation. Anyway, I should be home by early afternoon and will probably need a nap before I have a phone interview. But then all this shall be behind me and my day will be looking up by then.

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