Sunday, April 19, 2009


By the time I got home yesterday (from a fun filled, food filled day with friends), my back was very sore. I took my anti inflammatory and then when i went to bed, I took one of my new handy, dandy pain meds (for moderate to moderately severe pain). This worked until about 130 am so I took a muscle relaxant and actually fell back asleep. A vast improvement over staring at the ceiling for hours and trying to figure out comfortable sleeping positions.

However, and this has some times happened before with pain meds, I had some weird dreams. In the first one, I lost all my bottles of prescription medications that I keep on my bedside table. There are only five right now... but I moved them and put them someplace 'safe' and couldn't find them. Then I freaked out and panicked and got my husband to help find them and we couldn't. Some of them, I could just suffer along with out them but my thyroid medicine keeps my metabolism moving and the tamoxifen keeps the cancer away (or that is the theory) so I was worried about finding them. No, I did not dream I could just go get refills. That would have been too easy. I prefer nice dreamless sleep where I wake up feeling rested and not stressed. Actually, a life where I feel rested and not stressed would be nice as well.

Yesterday we had a good day. We squished five of us into my car, which is not as big as I thought it was and went off for the day. When you go to a restaurant and can't decide on what to eat I recommend the solution of getting a sandwich with a friend who gets another sandwich and the trade halves. Quite a good solution and I got to try a Mediterranean tuna melt and a turkey club. Then we went consignment store shopping where I got some new clothes followed by a walk on the boardwalk in a national wildlife refuge and a very brief stroll on the beach - maybe five minutes. It was very cold.

After driving home, my back was not happy at all. I think I basically walked, sat, and drove too much yesterday. Today I will solve this by going for a nice walk with my husband to check out the big brush fire area near us and doing laundry. I am sure both of those will make my back feel better. I also have to get my plans in place for my annual Boston Marathon. More on that tomorrow.

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