Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its nice when they agree with you

This weekend in the Boston Globe's magazine section was an article on chemo brain and how it is caused by chemo. And the fact that some oncologists don't believe it exists. Well this woman wrote a book which now I want to read. However I didn't need a book to tell me that chemo brain exists. I know it does. I am living proof - with every post it note that reminds me of something I need to do. But on some level it is nice to find out in print that other people agree with what you think - I am not alone with this one.

Then I received further gratification when my latest copy of Consumer Reports arrived in the mail. There were several articles worthy of my attention:
- Costco vs. Walmart. Costco wins. I hate Walmart. I will not shop there. I think they have dirty stores, horrible policies, and underpaid employees. I can go on if necessary.
- Comparing grocery stores. Wegmans is number one but since the nearest one is a few hundred miles away (but one is being built about 10 miles from here) I'll stick with the Trader Joe's that's a block away and came in second. I was happy to see that Whole Foods (a/k/a Whole Wallet or the Organic Walmart) came in 8th and had the poorest rating for its prices.
- What to do for back pain. Apparently my treatment with anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants is the way to go. Most people are successfully treated by physical therapy or chiropractic care but of course I am not. And surgery is not recommended for the types of problems I am having. I do find it interesting that they call the disk degeneration that I have 'arthritis of the spine'.
- How to get good health insurance. They recommend running for congress so you can get on the federal health insurance plan but that is the one we already have because my husband works for the DOD.

They also rate different reusable grocery bags and toilet paper... Anyway, its nice when people agree with how you think. A little positive reinforcement that I am not losing my mind.

Yesterday I worked from home and went for a walk before work. Most importantly my garden is finally starting to bloom. Today I am meeting a friend and getting a humming bird feeder which I will put out to annoy the cat further through the summer. He loves watching a bird feeder and I think a humming bird feeder would really bother him. (The little joys we get in annoying our pets sometimes...)

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