Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random news flashes

1. My back hurts. My back hurts a lot today. It was fine most of yesterday and then driving home from dinner it decided to start hurting and pretty much hasn't stopped. This could result in crabbiness so everyone should consider themselves warned.

2. My new laptop has shipped and is due to arrive on (pause to change calendar from March to April, ow my back hurts more from stretching to do that) Wednesday. Very exciting. But I can't remember my schedule so I will have to see if I will actually be here when Fed Ex shows up. Maybe I can leave a note to leave it at the neighbors. Hmmm... good thought. God forbid I have to wait another day to get it.

3. Here is a job I will not be applying for - an agency is expanding. To apply for their jobs, you need to pay $400 to take their five day course. Not a chance. How do you say 'scam'?

4. The cat is taking his morning nap as he waits for me to go back down and feed him. (I ran out of news items so I had to stick in something...)

Yesterday I survived my busy day and almost got everything done that I needed to. I did get an awesome new pedicure with little red sparkly flowers on my toes - why be boring? We went out with my family and friends last night for a yummy meal. Organic pizza. Quite good. Today I only have a few things - meeting friends for coffee, library, laundry, walk or gym, and work from home. My big goal for the weekend is to get all my notes together for my new doctor this week. Its a lot of work to keep doctors informed of everything. But very important to do so. That way you might actually receive the medical care you need. This is one valuable lesson I have learned from the past two years of medical issues.

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