Friday, April 10, 2009

The other side of the coin

So last night I did sleep reasonably but am very tired this morning. I think I was just up too late last night. But then my back hurts this morning. Which would you prefer? A good night's sleep and a sore back or a crappy night's sleep and a pain free back? I seem to get one or the other and sometimes a crappy night's sleep with a sore back. But I never seem to have a good night's sleep with a pain free back. Is there no justice in this world?

In the meantime, I am in the midst of eating many meals in restaurants. Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend. Today I am going out to lunch with a former co-worker. Tonight we are going out to dinner with my family. And tomorrow morning I am meeting friends for coffee. I miss my own cooking. Last night I had left over lentil soup after working late. (Random musing: does restaurant food cause a sore back? Probably not. Sigh.) Of course, in my complete lack of foresight, I have planned to meet two different friends for dinner on consecutive nights - at the same restaurant. Perhaps one of these will need to be relocated. But I have a week or so to plan this.

I will make up for all this eating out over the next few days by cooking a lot over the weekend. I am not sure yet what I will make but I will cook a lot. Today I am just a tiny bit overscheduled but not too badly. I have to work on this scheduling business. My social life interferes with my social life. Here's my day: work from home, grocery store, drop off catalogs at local library, friend for lunch at 1145, walk at 130, drop off more catalogs at another library, nail appointment 4pm, dinner with family at 6. I think that's it. I have some calls to make as well. And some volunteer work. Okay, maybe a little more than a tiny bit overscheduled... Oh, and I have to get my info together for next week's doctor appointment. And send a card to my nephew who broke is collarbone. Well maybe a lot more than tiny bit...

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