Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Such an 'original' idea

So when I was diagnosed nearly two years ago, I had the oh so 'original' idea to start a blog to keep family and friends informed of my medical adventures. Who would have thought that anyone else in the world would be this original as well? Apparently, lots of people use blogs to document their medical lives as well? Or their tries to get to a new normal after medical lemons have messed with their lives?

I have found many other blogs to read and then started following them and then starting reading and following ones that others are reading and then spending hours every day reading and following blogs. I have tried to restrain myself and organize who I read and follow but then I diversify and find more.

Here are some of the blogs I read most often:

- Life's Funny Like That - well written adventures in breast cancer land.

- Adventures of Baldy Locks - I really like her blue wig. And her sense of humor.

- Dancing with Cancer - living with cancer, four times

- The Lloyd Newsletter - life with the brain tumor named Lloyd - why can't you name them?

- My Cancer Deployment - another series of adventures in cancerland. She lists her interests as 'not having cancer'. Me too!

Then people start posting links to other lists of other blogs like this one of the top 30 cancer blogs and this one on Lemondrop. So I wasn't so original after all. (A note of caution here is that once you start clicking on the links and reading other people's stories you become hopelessly addicted and want to keep reading to make sure they are okay. Then you realize two hours have gone by and you are now late for work.)

Who also would have thought it would have gone on so long. Nearly two years of medical adventures. I was told a cancer diagnosis is a year out of your life. Well, maybe we are past cancer and we can just talk about the continuing saga of what is wrong with me next. Back pain induced insomnia is a wonderful time to lie in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking what is wrong now. I mean is that pain related to my back issues or is it something new? Is it a headache or a brain tumor? Is fatigue due to anemia or leukemia? See how easy it is to start down that path as well? (Perhaps my fatigue today is due to the fact that yesterday I went on a really long walk and I have been awake since 4 am? But the little voices in my head are telling me otherwise.)

Yesterday I did watch the Boston Marathon. It was a very close race in the end. Then I went for a walk and found a parade. Yes the clown is directing traffic. Then I walked through the burned conservation land. There are acres of burned areas - both marsh and wooded. But last night and today we got a lot of rain and that should help in the regrowth.

Today I am only a little bit overscheduled. It is school vacation week which means I am working mornings, instead of afternoons (and feeling a little discombobulated as a result). My schedule is backwards: go to work, then work from home and go for a walk. But it keeps me busy. And now I am running late (already) so its time to get moving.


BaldyLocks said...

I was also told it would be a year out of my life after my transplant. Crazy! Now it's going on three and the adventures certainly continue.

And I think it's fantastic people with cancer or post cancer are blogging because it's so great to talk to others about the things everyone else doesn't get. I'm glad you came up with it.

Don't worry, you're still an original :)

Debby said...

Oh, gosh! Thanks. I can't tell you how much encouragement your blog has been to me!

Inflammatory Breast Cancer said...

Your blog is very inspiring to other patients. Keep moving Caroline. You really shine despite everything!

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