Monday, May 11, 2009

Allow me to summarize

I have to prepare for my call to the pain doctor to review how my back is doing since my cortisone injection two weeks ago. One word: pain. Actually, I will expand on it a little. For the first few days after the injection, I was feeling some what better. My husband even commented that I was a bit 'perkier' (his word, not mine) than I had been recently. Then came the evil car ride to Vermont - 3.5 hours in a car - where I figured out my back doesn't like car rides. It was followed by an evening of lots of pain (and meds and ice packs) and then incredibly painful leg cramps in the middle of the night. The next night was almost as bad. But I prepared for the ride home with help from an ice pack and a pillow.

Week two was a little better but I did have some significant leg cramps and pain issues. Mostly my hips and lower back and pinching on my spine, and pain radiating up into my shoulders and neck when its really bad. Like right now, my spine is pinching, my shoulders and neck are stiff and sore and my calf aches where I had really bad cramps in it last night. And today I am a tad 'loopy' because I took a muscle relaxant at 4 am because of my leg cramps. I hope it wears off before I need to drive because perhaps I might not be functioning properly for a few more hours. Now I can just call my doctor's office and tell him to read my blog.

Actually I will call him and see what the next steps are - more shots or something new. As long as its not surgery, I pretty flexible.

Today, I am somewhat busy but not overscheduled. A walk, some phone calls, some work from home, meet a friend for coffee and go to work. Only one more day of this annoying stitch in my leg from where they biopsied my rash. If I clean it twice daily and cover it with a new bandaid, I get giant red marks from the bandaid adhesive (just my sensitive skin acting up). But if I leave it uncovered the thread from the stitch catches on things. Grr, grr, grr.

But meanwhile, I need to motivate and focus (even though I am 'loopy') and go for my walk.

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