Sunday, May 3, 2009

Field trip report

I am lying on the bed in the very nice B&B we are staying at free of charge as part of our Weekend of Hope trip. We are being spoiled with a very large room with a king size bed, flat screen tv, windows on two sides with a view of the mountains. Breakfast will be good. I already know what I will have: cheese omelet with bacon on the side. Local bacon, good Vermont cheddar. This is all at no charge.

The Stowe Weekend of Hope is a wonderful organization. They put together this weekend every year and local hotels donate rooms so people can stay at no charge so it becomes affordable for all of us people who seem to spend all our money on co-pays at doctor appointments. Then they also get local businesses to donate 10% of their sales over the weekend as well.

Attendees go free the first year and then at some incredibly reduced rate in future years. I think we will be back. The sessions were very good. We heard from the director of Gilda's Club, a nutritionist, and a doctor who is also a thirteen year survivor yesterday morning. In the afternoon, I went to some thyroid cancer presentations as well.

I was very surprised at how many people here I know. I ran into two women I met last year at Casting for Recovery and a woman in my weekly support group. It was also great to make new friends.

One thing I am learning is that the best way to deal with cancer is to go meet other people with cancer. Go to events where everyone talks about cancer. We are not alone. If you live anywhere near Vermont, I recommend attending Stowe Weekend of Hope to connect with others.

This morning, we are going to skip the closing ceremony which is at 11 and head home. Walter has a business trip tomorrow morning so we have to go home and unpack, do laundry, and repack. Perhaps he will fit in mowing the lawn (and decapitating all the little maple trees that are growing in it). I am not looking forward to the long car ride because I think this is what gives me lots of pain. I am refilling my ice bag before we leave.

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Debby said...

Sorry, my mind went off on a tangent as soon as I read the part about 'a nice B and B'. Sounds like a cool weekend. I went to a breast cancer brunch, and it was nice, as awful as it sounds, to sit around jaw jacking with other breast cancer patients/survivors. Lots of good energy there.

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