Sunday, May 17, 2009

I found the mothership of rocket scientists

They work in technical support at Norton antivirus. Yesterday I had another interlude with them trying to fix the antivirus software on my husband's computer. After taking forever, the tech support rep I was chatting with asked me if there was anything else I needed so he could close out the query. I asked him two questions, he answered half of one and disconnected the chat session. He thoughtfully provided his manager's email in his closing signature so I made sure I sent a nice message about the quality care I received. I do not expect a reply because based on my experiences with them, I can't see them taking the time. Enough of that rant but you can expect more because now I have to deal with them again for both of my computers because the idiot didn't answer my last two questions.

Yesterday I was brave and bought tomato plants and put them out. A lot of people around here say don't put them out until May 30. I looked at the long term weather forecast and I don't think we will have a frost so I did it. If it does get cold, I'll cover them up with newspaper. I did find out that gardening makes my back hurt. Which sucks because I like gardening. But I am taking an ergonomic gardening class in June so maybe I can learn some tips.

Today I am meeting up with some cancer friends in NH for the afternoon. It should be a good time and distracting from my orange level stress for tomorrow. Now I have to motivate because my husband agreed to go for a walk with me this morning (a rare occurrence) and he is 'patiently' waiting for me down stairs.

Kitty update: he is moving around less and less. He still can make it up stairs but he could barely jump up on the bed this morning. However, he still needs many kitty treats to make it through the day.

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