Monday, May 25, 2009

Retail therapy

After some deep thought, all I can come up with to write about is my excursion into retail therapy yesterday. (So you can see how boring my life is, if it can be thought to be a life?) My sister is getting married in a few weeks and I need shoes for the wedding - since I am in it, I get to wear what she wants which is black patent leather sandals, something I don't own. So I bought a pair of black patent leather sandals for the ceremony. But they have a heel so I bought a second pair of black patent leather sandals that are flats. So now I will have two pairs. Then I bought myself a pair of fun flipflops for the summer. I always get a new pair. The rules are they have to be fun and they have to be less than $10. I got ones with cork soles and little carved 'shells' on the straps. They look cool and were $9.99. So I got three pairs of shoes.

Because I was going to the shoe store, I also went to the book store. Sharing cars with my husband means he cleaned out both (so there were no pens, nail files, or anything useful in them). He also decided that the map book was old and out of date so he replaced it with a local one - which is fine if you don't go far away. But I got stuck in traffic on Friday, had no map of the area so I couldn't figure out a plan B so I needed a new map book. Because I went to get a map book, I also had to walk by the fiction section and found a new book I hadn't read (sometimes I think I must have read nearly everything out there) and had to get that too. Nothing like a little retail therapy to let you ignore back pain. (But I do get brownie points for going to the Talbot's outlet and not buying anything.)

On the way home, I stopped and got more plants. I had already gotten tomatoes and pepper plants so I only wanted marigolds and maybe some other flowers. In previous years I have grown purple bell peppers but hadn't gotten them this year because my usual source has gone out of business. But I found them yesterday so I had to plant them as well. This means my husband sifts the dirt from the dirt pile and I scoop it into the planters with some compost. Now I have 19 pepper plants - 6 bell, 6 cubano, 6 purple, and one red sweet pepper. I also have 12 tomato plants - 6 roma, 6 yellow cherry, and 6 black cherry (I have never seen black tomatoes so I had to get them). I think that is plenty of plants for this year.

After doing gardening, we can just say my back wasn't happy with me so I put ice on it for a while. Then it felt better for a while but worse last night.

News on the kitty front: yesterday he decided to walk from the arm chair to the sofa on the furniture. For some reason the floor isn't good enough for him and he likes to walk across the tables and other items. But this does require some jumping and flexibility but I consider this a good sign considering his recent state.

See I have no life. I am boring.

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