Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off to my new job

Today I start my new job. I will work 8-1 and then go to my other job and work 130-6. This will be a long day. Because of the holiday yesterday, I am working both. This will be a rare occurrence if I have any say in the matter. I would prefer not to work two jobs back to back - this is the point of part time work with flexibility. Anyway, this distinctly cuts into my time for things like walks, gardening, crocheting, reading, and watching cooking shows on TV but (does allow time for doctor appointments which is really the whole point).

Yesterday I only tried on about 10 things in my closet to figure out what to wear for my first day. I want to be dressy but not too dressy, but I do want to make a good first impression. And I don't want to iron. Anyway I have come up with an outfit that will just have to be plenty, black pants, maroon top, black sweater. I was thinking about a blazer instead of a sweater but I think that is too much for this office.

Now, I also have to figure out how to incorporate my computer time into my getting out of the house on time plan three days a week. I guess some stuff will just have to wait until later - I will stay off FaceBook in the mornings!!!

To celebrate Memorial Day yesterday, we went out for Chinese food for lunch with my parents. I was having a Chinese food craving. Then we made dinner on the grill in the backyard - is it unAmerican not to grill on Memorial Day? Grilled portobello mushrooms are yummy. And when we walked around to the front of the house to come back inside, guess who was waiting by the front door to be let back in?? Our indoor cat! He was just hanging out. He is still hanging in there but he gets wobblier every day.

Unfortunately my stupid back is sore - is that again or still? I am not sure any more. But my next injection is June 1 and maybe it will have more of an effect. You can get up to three cortisone injections spaced six weeks apart every six months if you need it. Some people get relief from one, others take multiples. One didn't work for me, so I am hoping two do.

But off to work before I am late! Its my first day and I want to make a good impression!!!

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