Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relay For Life - and the S label

I went to Relay For Life here last night and am going back this mroning (I overslept but still have time for the internet). Its a great event - fund raiser for the American Cancer Society - and takes place in many cities and towns nationally and internationally each year. We hope to raise $80,000+ this weekend.

My only problem with it is that people with cancer are given the S label by the American Cancer Society. I know its their official term and you get to use it starting with the day you are diagnosed. But I don't consider myself a survivor. I am someone living with cancer and dealing with it day to day. This year someone was complaining that the survivor t-shirts don't have the word survivor on them. That's fine by me. I don't want the S label on my body. But I did participate in all the S activities - dinner, walking, pictures, etc.

I also ran into several friends there. Two women who are in my support group and my next door neighbor. I didn't know she was in the same club.

I did take some pictures but will post them later.

Meanwhile, kitty is okay. He goes to the vet tomorrow afternoon and this will mean the end of kitty treats in his life. We will have to find diabetes safe treats for him. In the meantime, he gets to eat all the treats we have for the last day.

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