Monday, June 1, 2009

I forgot!

I forgot! How could I forget? Well, perhaps I will claim chemo brain or stress or getting old(er). I forgot my friend's birthday. Actually I forgot two friend's birthdays - one was on the 18th and the other was this weekend. Call me a space shot, whatever. I have no brain.

But the real thing I forgot was that yesterday was two years since my diagnosis officially. Yes my surgeon said to me a few weeks ago that I was two years out but I was waiting really for the actual date. I think I had the clean mammogram about two years from the date of some important doctor's appointment or the first of many 'procedures'. But now I feel comfortable in saying that two years out, I am still here. And if my damn back would stop hurting life would be much better. Tomorrow is actually two years since I started this blog as well.

Today I go for another big needle in the spine. But I am okay with that as I have been through this once already and know what to expect. Its not exactly a 'pain free' procedure as the needles of pain meds hurt a lot - they burn to be precise. But its not agony and if it would make my back stop hurting, I would be much happier.

This afternoon, we are taking kitty for his hospital stay. I am packing his food dish (as he is Mr. Picky and has to start eating special food for diabetic cats and I am thinking if he can eat out of his regular dish the transition might be a little easier) and a water dish and his blanket and maybe his hair brush. He might even need his own suitcase. He is really wobbling around this morning. He spent the entire night sleeping on the bed next to me which means he drank no water for 8 hours and that is not good for diabetics. So this morning, because its his last day of his canned food and he hasn't been drinking water, he got canned food for breakfast - an unusual occurrence. He will get lots of kitty treats today because that's it, no more, ever. Unless I can find diabetic kitty treats that Mr. Picky will like.

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Debby said...

Caroline, I cannot wait to forget that anniversary either. Just the fact that life goes on and it is possible that I will forget the day is tremendously comforting to me.

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