Sunday, June 7, 2009

National WHAT Day?

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day. Well, lah-di-dah. What if we don't want to be part of it? First of all, I really dislike the word survivor. It is a label (as I have said many times before) and I think it implies that once you become a survivor, you are over it. Well, in cancer-speak, they say things like - remission - where cancer is inactive or no evidence of disease - which means they didn't find anything. But they never say cured... because there isn't one.

I did mention this to my husband and he said 'Happy National Cancer Survivors Day, honey'. I replied 'thanks, but I hate the word survivor'. His response was too true 'well, its better than unsurviving'.

So anyway, I digress. I dislike the label but though I would check this National Cancer S-word Day out. Well, I can't find anything. There apparently are events but you have to call and ask someone. I did call and got a nice recording that said they are unable to take my call at this time. Obviously I won't be attending an event. I can't buy any merchandise either because I am not registered. And merchandise needed to be ordered by April 3. So much for National Cancer S-word Day. I can't find an event, I can't order anything, I haven't seen ANY announcements about this until yesterday on all my cancer websites (and believe me I waste a lot of time on them). I guess I'll find something else to do with my day.

This means more time for gardening, going for a walk, a little shopping, and taking care of the cat. Poor kitty. He really doesn't get around well. Very distressing. But he is eating like a pig (when is focused on eating his canned food, he makes little grunts as he eats). So he may not have much quality of life but he is pretty funny.

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