Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Contemplating my ceiling

Twice a day (unless I forget), I get the joys of contemplating my ceiling. (Its a nice textured plaster in case you can't tell in the picture.) When was the last time you looked at your living room ceiling for any length of time? Or with any frequency? I only do this because I have back exercises (which I forgot to do last night when I got home from work - but don't tell anyone). The exercises are supposed to help strengthen my back.... I have been doing them for months. When I went to PT, they said here are some exercises, two sets of ten, twice day. But they never told me if I can ever stop them... Am I supposed to just keep doing them every day for ever???? Hmmm... Perhaps I could ask. But my back still isn't better so I probably do still need them.

Yesterday, I called the back doctor to report that my lower back is somewhat better but my upper back isn't. I asked when I can expect to hear back and was told usually within 72 hours... (Last time I called on a Monday and called back on Wednesday when I hadn't heard anything and was told that it can take up to a week. So much for consistency.) I don't know what the next steps are but do know it still needs something. I'll continue to be a patient patient (and suffer in silence) and wait for the doctor to call back.
Now a kitty update, he is much better. This morning he was hungry and thirsty and came upstairs to inform us of this. Walter fed him and he ate and then he came back to complain about his water supply. How do I know this? Because he tried to drink MY water. This weekend, we were going out and needed to give him his injection before we left and we couldn't find him anywhere. We both looked through every room and closet and searched the basement. This was not an issue in the past because we could shake a bag of kitty treats and he would come running - but no more treats so no way to get him to show up. Finally, we gave up and I was doing my exercises before we left and saw him sleeping under the stereo behind the smoked glass doors! He now has a pillow in there (so he's comfy) which will provide contrast and he will be easier to see.

Today is another busy day. Off to work two jobs, go for a walk, and run some errands.

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Debby said...

Okay. I laughed out loud. And now I've got to ask. When you had chemo were you able to lay there and watched your nice textured plaster ceiling move about. I could.

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