Friday, June 26, 2009

A big news day

Yesterday was full of all kinds of news. First of all, this is the first morning glory flower of the season. They will bloom between now and frost in November.

The next big news is that the sun came out for the first time in weeks (not kidding) and the temperature hit 70 for the 4th time this year (really not kidding, we have all been growing mold).

Next, I grabbed every bravery molecule I have in my body and gave kitty his shot. I hate needles but Walter was (and is still) sick with a cold and sleeping late so I gave him his shot. This isn't to say that this is something I will start doing regularly but I did it once so when Walter goes on his business trip next month, I can handle it. (I was VERY concerned).

Also, kitty went to the vet yesterday. His insulin levels still aren't stable. They were too low yesterday morning. We will need to bring him back in about 2 weeks and not give him his morning shot so they can see how low the levels go. This is the problem if they can't stabilize him, there is nothing they can do.

I also got awesome news yesterday. I am definitely a volunteer for the local Casting for Recovery retreat ( I went to last year as a participant. This means I have to suffer through another weekend on the ocean of Buzzard's Bay, next to Cape Cod, for free.

I went out to dinner last night with friends. It was nice to see old friends (including one from out of town who I haven't seen since our wedding). Walter didn't go because he has his cold - just call him Mr. Sniffles. But the point is, I (me) went out (something I very rarely do) to dinner. In the past two years, I have just not really been going out. I have gone out some but they have either been with my family or with my cancer friends for our informal support group - either coffee or dinner and only occasionally with friends for fun. Life just changed.

Finally, it is very sad to hear that Farrah Fawcett died. I had watched parts of the documentary on her cancer struggle recently. I think she made some very good points in dealing with the leaks to the media on her medical developments. I was glad to hear that the medical center changed their policies and took action against the employees. Also, while I am not a huge fan of alternative treatments such as the ones she took, if your doctor says there is no more conventional medical treatment for you, wouldn't you try anything? I also was reading some article on her that said she was cancer free after treatment (and of course can't find the link to it). Um, this is wrong. You are never cancer free. They just can't detect it. Once you get it, that's it. You got it.

Too much blathering on the internet and I am running late. Have to get my act together, make breakfast, get dressed, make lunch, do my exercises and get out the door in the next 20 minutes.

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