Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Desperately seeking a profound blog topic for the day

Sorry, I don't have one. Nothing profound to blog about. I can give mini updates on a bunch of things:

1. My back hurts. Now that's news you hadn't heard in a long time. Actually this morning its about a 3, lots of dull achiness but I slept relatively well (thank you little pill).

2. The cat is regaining ALL his annoying traits. Yesterday he wanted running water in the sink like he used to get. And he let himself out in the morning and then was pretty pissed off that he got all wet - it was raining. Even though I don't like him going out, I do like the fact he isn't sitting around as a little pathetic blob all the time.

3. I had yet another job interview yesterday. This would be for some contract work for a friend of my boss at my other new job. It could be short term or it could be long term.

4. I have now planned many excursions for us. This is exciting because we just stopped traveling and doing things for a year because I was always too sick. We are going to RI for a weekend, NH for a weekend, NY for a weekend, and ME for a week. I am also going to Cape Cod for a weekend (Casting for Recovery) and then to WI for my college reunion. We currently have plans for most weekends between now and Columbus day. How can that be? Does that mean we have a life somewhat again?

5. My summer work schedule may prove more stressful than I thought but its only for five weeks and some normalcy should return. Yesterday was just crazy hectic. Today should be a little better.

6. Speaking of summer, we do not have summer yet here in Boston. Then this lovely article in today's paper states this could last a long time. This is my favorite quote out of it: '"It’s been very persistent, and it could go on for the rest of the summer,’’ said Frank Strait, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather.' My plants are rotting. We have mushrooms everywhere. And I'm always freezing cold. Nothing like 60 and damp again....

Okay off to work, stop procrastinating, time to get organized. Maybe I can be profound tomorrow.

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