Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The tale of two breast cancers from Consumer Reports

But first my morning started with trauma:

The coffee maker didn't work. I am suffering without but will buy a cup on my way to work. Later today I will buy a new coffee maker.

There was a mouse caught in the trap on top of the stove. Walter didn't see it. I did. I am so grossed out by the whole thing now. (Why didn't the cat catch the mouse in the first place?) Why didn't Walter see it first when he went into the kitchen to get coffee! YUCKY!

Now back to my regularly schedule blog: I was reading my new issue of Consumer Reports (I know I should go green and read it online but I like the paper issues). It was all about remodeling kitchens and bathrooms which is of great interest to me as we have a distinct shortage of cabinets, ugly linoleum (on top of at least two more layers) in the kitchen, and some lovely light blue and metallic silver swirly 1970's wall paper in the bathroom which has minimal lighting and a loud ceiling fan.

Buried among all the appliance reviews was a section on health care and the new national proposals. Tucked into the corner is the tale of two breast cancers. One woman who lives in MA with its mandatory health care was diagnosed with breast cancer, got insurance through the state, and ended up being covered and not get buried in debt. A second woman in CA had insurance when she was diagnosed but had opted for a low premium plan with a high deductible and 30% co-pay because she couldn't afford a more comprehensive plan. She is still $40,000 in debt.

This isn't to say everyone should move to Massachusetts... It kills me when I see the ads on TV for lower premium health insurance - you get what you pay for. You should carefully select your insurance by what you need and what it covers, not by the numbers. This is also another story that shows the need for better coverage options for all Americans. I have good insurance and once I hit my $7000 annual out of pocket maximum, I don't pay for a thing. I am luck. (And I will hit that maximum in another month or two - needles in the back are expensive).

Today, my back hurts. I will try to come up with a new story but not sure that I have one. I am trying desperately not to think about SIX needles in my back next week. But apparently I am thinking about them.

I am not sure I like my new work schedule. I am too busy right now. I don't have time for the important things - like contract work, gardening, and going for walks. Only four more weeks and my life with settle down again. I hope.


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