Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Combining treatments

I have finally figured out a way I can combine treatments. Cancer gives me tamoxifen which gives me hot flashes (nice in January but not so nice in July). Back pain gives me pain. Both of which are solved but nice big ice packs on my back. Five minutes later, pain is starting to lessen and I need a sweater. Two for the price of one! And it didn't require another doctor visit to figure it out.

Even though my back hurt last night, I finally got a decent night's sleep (thank you little white pills) and feel better today. Yesterday morning I thought I had a nice matching pair of bags under my eyes. Today I think will be better - which is good because I am busy. Work, followed by more work, followed by a walk, followed by a 'healthy' dinner with a friend. I put 'healthy' in quotes because although it will contain all the essential food groups - vegetables, dairy, wine, etc - nachos and pinot grigio are probably not on any nutritionist's list of acceptable meals. But we get one small order of nachos and split it. And sometimes don't eat them all.

But now I will be late if I don't get off the darn computer.

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