Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A very nice offer

Yesterday someone posted a very nice offer on my blog. I really don't think I am going to take them up on it. In fact I deleted it to preserve their privacy. Basically, this person has done all sorts of research and found a surgery free way to cure breast cancer. If I send them my email they will send me links so they can prove this to me. Then if I send them $2500, they will give me the cure. I really don't have $2500 to spare, nor do I particularly want to share my email address with someone of this caliber so I have declined. (But if there is anyone out there who wishes to reply to this person and get spammed and ripped off, feel free to let me know and I will be sure to send you their offer.)

It is very sad that there are people like this out there. A friend of mine had a recurrence and technically is now stage IV. She was talking about being approached by people like this. The woman who runs our support group says that they will now come out of the woodwork. People who prey on sick people are right up their with child molesters as far as I am concerned. If you are sick, and not likely to get better, you deserve special protections for this kind of predator - because that's exactly what they are.

Anyway, life goes on. I faxed my pain log to the doctor yesterday but didn't hear back. I'll wait until tomorrow to call to see what's next on the agenda. I am also feeling a tiny bit overscheduled. Today: 745 cat to vet, 8-10 work at community ed, 1030-315 work at new job, 330-430 walk, 430-5 farmers market, 515 pick up cat, 630 dinner with friends.... No time to do the other work I need to do from home. Grrr... Oh, and my back hurts.

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