Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting rid of the black cloud that has been following me around

Or, how did my life turn in to a bad country music song? My friends dying, my back pain, the oil tank, the car, the cat's diabetes, stress from work, and I can't remember it all now because there is just too much! My goal is to get rid of the black cloud and return to happier times.

First I am going away this weekend on a Casting for Recovery retreat but this time as a volunteer which means less fishing I think but I still think it will be great. I have prepared myself with a proper pedicure to go with my fishing.

I will drive the reliable ten year old car with 135,000 miles on it and not the crappy new car with 8700 miles on it. We got it back yesterday and they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

I will not go down into the basement so I have to look at the oil tank until it is fixed on Wednesday. If I pretend its not there, I can't stress as much about it. (This is my mature attitude coming through - if I don't see it, I can't let it bother me.)

I will not take my laptop with me this weekend so I will have to relax more instead of dealing with work.

I will sit in the sun (wrinkles & cancer - who cares right now? and relax. (Sunscreen and hat). I will read a trashy novel on the beach today before the retreat starts.

I will get rid of the little black cloud that has been following me around.


Hua said...

Hi Caroline,

Hope the retreat helps to get rid of that black cloud of yours. Have fun!

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Arla said...

Now that's a great pedicure for a beautiful weekend! Dance that black cloud away..... :)

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