Sunday, July 12, 2009

A bucket list

In case you don't know, a bucket list is the list of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket. There was a relatively good movie with the same title a couple of years ago with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson by the same title - worth watching but be aware that it doesn't have a happy ending. (I actually think they show chemo quite accurately in it).

Anyway, I think the term bucket list has a connotation that you have a short period of time ahead of you. Then a Facebook friend said 'My theory is if I just keep expanding and adding to the list, then I will never complete it and have no reason to die!' I like her theory and think perhaps I need to get a little organized about what I want to do so I might actually do them. I have already traveled a lot but there are some places I want to go to:

- Iceland on my 50th birthday. Why? Why not? Its there, I have never been and I want to go.

- Costa del Sol in Spain again. I was there 30 years ago and think I will appreciate it more now as an adult. But I also want a side trip back to Madrid to see the Prado and get some more of the best paella I have ever eaten.

- Walking tour of Scotland. But in the summer. Not the winter. Ditto for the Alps.

- Skating on the canals in the Netherlands. I used to skate. I loved Hans Brinker as a child. I want to skate on the canals.

- Hiking in Hawaii. Volcanoes, snow, and a tropical paradise! I want to go.

- Learn how to make pie crust. Don't ask. I can't make pie crust. I have made lots of other things in my life including souffles, roasts, mousse, etc. But I can't make basic pie crust. I make shoe leather.

That's enough for now. Because as my friend said if you never complete it, you will have no reason to die.

I think the key thing about bucket lists is you have to compile them for yourself. Last year some well meaning person asked me if my vacation was something that was on my bucket list. This upset me - did she think I was about to drop dead or something? Since I am in control with this year, it is my decision and I will just keep adding to it.

So now off for my walk with my husband. Then breakfast and take him to the airport this afternoon for a business trip (his, not mine) and out for dinner with a friend.

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