Friday, July 24, 2009

Now I feel old

In today's paper there was an article about the famous Anthony Prince spaghetti commercial. It was filmed 40 years ago and ran for 13 years. I remember watching it as a child... It can't be 40 years old because that makes me.... never mind how old I am - if you must ask, I am 29.

Here's a new idea suggested by another blogger - create a pain chart to keep tracks of what hurts and when. This might be a wise thing to bring in to my pain doctor's appointment when I finally have it so he can see what hurts when. But then that would be planning and thinking. Perhaps not.

We have house guests today. they are sleeping in because they arrived late. We were smart and took a two hour nap in front of the TV as we were waiting for them to arrive - so we missed the movie but are relatively well rested. Its my brother and two of his children and I am astounded that the kids are not yet awake. Nick is usually up around 6 at the latest and Amy not far behind. That's okay, we can be lazy for a little bit. They are going off with my parents today and I am going to work from home. I have lots of work to do. This working from home business makes sure that I work at all hours of the day and night.

Speaking of pain, right now my back hurts. How's that for a change. It didn't hurt a few minutes ago and now my upper back and lower left side hurt. Well, I'll just take my whiny back pain out to breakfast at the local diner I think.

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