Tuesday, July 21, 2009


That would nicely sum up my day yesterday. I am not sure why I do this to myself but sometimes I just need to get it all over and done with. Yesterday I attempted to deal with multiple people in the medical profession. I spent a lot of time on hold.

Call #1 was to the pharmacy to see if the vet had called in the prescription I needed. After lots of being on hold (they'll be right with me!), I find out no, they hadn't even received it yet, even though I had called it in two days before. So I call the vet, who puts me on hold, tell me that they have been really busy, Sunday doesn't count, and generally made me feel like I was the stupid one.

Then because I wasn't done yet. I called my back doctor to see about cancellations - after being on hold, no there are none, but keep trying. Then I needed a prescription refilled so I had to call that in as well. I was the idiot on this one, I didn't realize I am down to a one day supply at this point. I hope it is ready today but I did call it in to my back pain doctor's office as opposed to the spine surgeon who originally prescribed it back in January (have I really been on it for 6 months?) and haven't seen since.

Finally, I wasn't done yet and called my therapists office to see about scheduling a new appointment and was put on hold (but they have lots of soothing messages about they will be right with me and if its a medical emergency to call 911 or go to the emergency room - apparently when its mental health they are more concerned you might be having 'issues'). But then she said - how about Wednesday? I nearly fell off my chair and took the appointment. (So maybe there is hope for my back doctor to get a cancellation before September...)

Then to stress me out on top of the fun of being on the phone, our lovely diabetic cat, who needs to eat regularly decided he didn't want to eat. I have no idea what he wanted. He wouldn't eat any food I gave him (even when I broke the rules and gave him people food - cheese and chicken). He needs to eat regularly and I think he's losing weight again. Grrr!!!

Today will be a better day because I refuse to call anyone in the medical profession and my interactions with them will be limited to picking up my prescription (I hope). I also have a busy day. 8 am phone call, work 830-10 and 1030-4, then walk. I still have work from home to do but its not happening today.

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