Saturday, July 4, 2009

More thoughts on counting

After yesterday's realization I had hit 750 blog posts, I started thinking about things you count - there are ones you should and ones you shouldn't.

You should count birthdays. Age is an achievement. The American Cancer Society has started a movement for more birthdays for everyone. They will sponsor your birthday. I am not sure I need a sponsor for my birthday but will happily celebrate it again this year. We will be away in Maine together for a week - our birthdays are five days apart so we always plan a vacation where we get to go do what we want.

You should count anniversaries. My husband and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. That's four years of living together happily, but unfortunately stupid medical problems continuously - but those shouldn't be counted.

Some people also count milestones in their lives: years since cancer diagnosis, or since life saving stem cell transplant, or other medical milestones. I am not so sure how I am supposed to count years since cancer diagnosis. I almost got to 26 and then do I start over two years ago at my next diagnosis? Or do I get to have two counts - one is two and one is 28 next month? (So confusing and then chemo brain kicks in and I can't figure it out...)

But there are things you shouldn't count. Like the number of doctor appointments in a year. Last year I had 79 doctor appointments. This year so far I have had 30... Which means I am on track for 60 this year. I was hoping for ten. If you count the wrong things, that would be things which are beyond your control, you can too easily set yourself up for disappointment.

There are many things in life to count but that shouldn't be counted. The important thing is to figure out which ones you should count, and keep track of them.

Yesterday I got together with a friend for lunch and we had Ethiopian food. I have never had Ethiopian food - it was yummy! I highly recommend it. We both decided that we will get together in another month or so and try Nepalese food...

My back is not happy. I am having my injections on Monday which means I can't take any of my anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. I spent many hours on an ice pack yesterday. When ever I start wondering if the medications help, I can tell as soon as I stop taking them.

The cat is very annoying. Which means he is healthy. Yesterday I went to the vet and bought a bad of prescription dry food which cost about three times as much as the over the counter diabetic cat food that he stopped eating after 1 week which was three times as much as the cheap stuff he used to get. So the question is, how long until he decides he doesn't like the really expensive stuff either? Good thing the vet has a money back guarantee.

Today is the fourth of July. I don't know how we are celebrating but we will go enjoy the sunshine. Possibly even cook on the grill outside. My back hurts so we will not go far.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog....general searching for breast cancer stuff. I am a survivor. Stage 0 2.5 years ago. Mastectomy.

I read your post about what things we could be counted and it made me cry. I have a birthday coming up in a fews days and not wanting to count that day since i've not been struggling with my health, thank God for that, but struggleing with my career and where it's all going....or not going. Feeling like my life is going so quick and I'm not doing what makes me happy.

Your post made me think about what is right in my life...what I should be celebrating. My 44 years on this earth. 2.5 years since I got the "green light" from my surgeon that they have all the cancer. The minutes I get to spend with my family...I have 3 kids...2 boys and 1 girl. The minutes I get to spend with my husband....even though very few. The days I get to enjoy the blue sky and enjoy the summer nights.

What I dope I've been feeling so sorry about getting another year older and feeling crummy about a job.

Thank you for the wake up call. Sometimes I get so caught up in the small stuff that I loose the important things the REALLY matter.

Blessings to you!


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