Friday, July 10, 2009

My doctor needs new writers

So I went for my nasty adventure on Monday where they stuck a few 'you might feel a little pain for a second' needles in my back which, if successful, was to be followed by a nastier procedure which you get to sleep through but promises semi permanent results. I filled in my pain diary and faxed it to my doctor with a nice note on Tuesday.

They called yesterday. He doesn't want me to have the next treatment but wants me to come back and see him. His first available appointment is SEPTEMBER 4. The nurse said to me that's only six weeks (not sure where she learned to count but on my calendar that's 8 weeks) but said to call regularly to see if they have cancellations which happens all the time. The last time I wanted to see him, I had to wait a month for an appointment but someone canceled so I got in a week later so there is hope, but I am still crabby about it.

This also means that apparently he didn't like the results of the diagnostic procedure on Monday... Why? Maybe because of relieving pain, it increased my pain temporarily so I had to sit down? When I saw him before the nasty procedure, he told me that even after we deal with my lower back we still have the sacroiliac joints to deal with. I don't know. Are we skipping the lower back and moving on to the sacroiliac joints? Or are we trying something else for the lower back first? I do know I don't want to wait two months so you can be sure I will be calling regularly. Just call me the not so patient patient. Particularly when back pain makes me cranky...

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