Thursday, July 2, 2009

Embarassing ailments

Face it, we have all had them. I am not talking about the giant zit that blooms before a hot date or big event but the ones where you call your doctor's office and wish you could whisper it to the nurse... Instead of having to explain it in great detail. So you whisper it to the nurse who makes and appointment. You get in to see them and the nurse says in a normal voice 'so you have a thingy on your whatsis'. The doctor will be right in. Then the doctor examines you and asks all sorts of questions in a normal voice - which you can swear everyone in the waiting room can hear. How mortifying! But face it we all get them.

I have an 'embarrassing ailment' that tends to come and go and is basically one of those things they don't have many treatments for and it may or may not go away. I just have to deal with it and whine about it. But I am getting good at whining and we should do what we can do best.

As I walked through the living room this morning my husband is watching a rerun of Hill Street Blues (courtesy of the DVR we get to watch the same shows we did 20 or 25 years ago) and there was an episode where a character had a boil on his butt. (No I do not have a boil.) I think this is Hollywood's way of saying that TV characters aren't necessarily air brushed and completely healthy with cosmetic enhancements.

Anyway, life goes on with our embarrassing ailments. Sometimes we share them with our friends to give us something to laugh about. Sometimes we ignore them and hope everyone else will be polite enough to do so as well. During cancer treatment, or treatment for any long term or chronic condition, I think you basically lose all sense of modesty (not that I am going to stop streaking or anything) that there isn't a medical topic not to be discussed. Then the embarrassing ailment shows up and sort of pushes over the edge.

Today is another tropical summer day in Boston - 60 degrees (high temp of 64) and rain. I am not making this up. Today's newspaper had instructions on how to build an ark. It has rained for 13 of the last 14 days. The forecast is the same (I think the forecasters all conspire to show the same cheerful faces saying the same thing to reduce the insults from viewers) with rain today and tomorrow but a good chance of sun on Saturday. Tomorrow I bet it says rain today and tomorrow but with a good chance of sun on Sunday.... I am not worried about sunscreen these days. I am worried I will start growing mold (and about spending too much time on the internet and being late for work).

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