Friday, July 17, 2009

Approaching geezerdom

I am turning into an old fart. I can compare surgical scars with anyone - got lots. I have a giant pill box that allows me to remember to take my pills as needed. My bedside table is covered in prescription bottles. I have all the aches and pains. I have a giant list of doctor appointments and doctors. And then I bought myself fit over sunglasses!! (But if you catch me wearing elastic waist polyester pants and shopping in the depends aisle, you can perform an intervention.)
Finally, it is what is known as summer in New England. There was a hint of heat yesterday so that I actually wanted to turn on the fans. (Walter turned them on in April but I thought it just made things cold.) The important signs of summer are out there. My garden is starting to flower. This includes astilbe, daylilies, cosmos, balloon flowers and and bunch of annuals. My vegetable garden is showing signs of life - lots of little green tomatoes. After the month of rain, I wasn't sure they were going to happen this year.

I survived the week without Walter. Kitty got his shots. I was very busy. He comes home tonight. My real dilemma is today is trash and recycle day. We, um, 'missed' last week's trash day because we forgot to put the barrel out. I will drag it out but its on wheels. Maybe I will deal with the trash in the house but my real concern is the stupid recycle bins. We have three and I guess i can drag them out - can't lift over 20 lbs and I am not sure they are heavy, just bulky. But I think the recycled newspapers will just sit for a few weeks.

Working mostly from home today. Then a friend is coming over for dinner. Walter should be here around 9. Not sure about the weekend plans but we hope to include the beach!

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Debby said...

Yeah. I'm watching myself turn into a geezer too.


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