Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, that was nasty. Horrible. Painful. Awful. Probably one of the worst medical procedures I have experienced. The literature does say 'We will numb your skin first with a small needle, which will sting just a little bit.' THAT WAS A LIE. They stuck me many times and the needle burned. Then came the painful part 'which would only hurt for 2 seconds and then take effect' when they stuck the numbing stuff down by my spine. Um, what about the part where the pain radiates to my hip? They didn't mention that part. At the end the doctor said 'next time it will be better, we will sedate you.'

When we came home, they said keep a pain log for five hours and do normal activities. So after a little computer work, we went out for a walk. At the end of 15 minutes I was in so much pain in my hip and leg, I had to sit down and then walked slowly home. Then I called the on call pain doctor who said 'this isn't an abnormal reaction, ice the hell out of it and take anti-inflammatories'. He also said to call my doctor in the AM if it wasn't better. It did get better with ice and inflammatories.

Okay, it was awful. I am done whining (for now). But I think it was helpful except when I tried to go for a walk. But perhaps now I will have the other procedure (under sedation). I will see what they say.

Today, I am off on an over scheduled day. But when I go for a walk this afternoon, Walter will go with me in case of another eventful walk.

Kitty news update: he is lazing around, some days better than others. He goes back to the vet tomorrow to see if they can determine his insulin levels.

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