Friday, July 3, 2009

Holy crap! Post # 750

Can it really be 750 posts about my medical crap - not just cancer but everything else (I didn't count it up, when I log in the little counter tells me how many I have written)? When I started my blog over two years ago, it was for the express purposes of dealing with my medical issues and creating a way for friends and family to keep up with how I am doing without me having to go through everything a million times on the phone. So how's it working?

- I don't think most of my family reads my blog so I am not sure if they know what I am doing. Question: what did I do the last weekend in May and what am I doing this coming Monday?

- I think some of my friends read my blog and then they call me to discuss what I wrote - which sort of defeats the purpose but is really okay. I didn't have to explain whats going on but we could talk about it.

-I have found there is a whole world of people who blog there way through cancer, leukemia, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. I have found a whole new world out there full of friends. We read each others blogs and keep up with people who I would otherwise never know. Its pretty cool.

But when I started, did I think I would write almost every day and end up at 750 entries? Absolutely not. I was supposed to be done with the medical stuff in a year. Maybe my secret inner writer is coming through... But my high school English teacher would definitely disagree that I have the capacity to have a secret inner writer. All I know is I am still blogging and people are still reading.

I just found out that Google is having its second 10th birthday (don't know why they can't say 20th birthday) and blogger (who hosts my blog) is turning ten in August. They are collecting stories about blogging... Perhaps I will harness my secret inner writer and come up with something profound.

In the meantime, my back hurts and I have ice on it (and a counteracting warm kitty on my lap). I need some sunshine or I will grow mold. Chronic pain sucks.

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