Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogging for money?

Now there are lots of people who are paid to blog by companies who make it part of their jobs or hire them as freelancers to blog regularly. That is a completely different issue. What I mean by blogging for money is the area of people who have personal blogs and go one of two different routes: One option is to put google ads on your blog and you can actually have little checks sent to you. Fine. You are not putting your readers under any obligation to pay money for something you are getting for free. But you can actually earn some cash this way. I think the downside is you can't decide which ads are shown on your blog at any given time.

Then there are other people who blatantly ask for donations to support their blog and help pay for their medical expenses. I know of several blogs that do this. I think I have a problem with this. Someone has a blog to write about their life/medical crap, etc. Most blogs are hosted for free. (I have never paid a sent for mine.) Then you are (repeatedly) asked to click the donate button and send money to support their blog and medical bills. Hmmm....

I feel a disconnect here. I don't know these people other than the fact that I have stumbled on their blogs some how. They want me to send money to help them out? I make donations to charities that I know are legit. I am not saying their needs aren't legit but there must be another way other than asking near strangers for money. For a blog reader, it makes me uneasy. Am I not supposed to read their blog because they want donations? Should I pay to read? I don't know. I just know whenever I see another donation request, I skip reading the blog for the day.

Today is another day but I slept for eight uninterrupted hours last night. This is the first time in several weeks this has happened. I do feel better. But my back still hurts...(so I can whine about it). Today is another very busy day. Work, work, more work, and perhaps a walk at the end....

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