Saturday, July 11, 2009

This working business is driving me crazy.

I have figured out I am working too much and it is interfering with my walks, book reading, gardening, and other fun time. One job has me working 5 days a week, at lest a couple of hours, then I have my other job that I go to three days a week for five hours each, and then two contract jobs that all of a sudden are both keeping me busy. Finally, I have a new job I have to prep for a big meeting on Monday that should turn into a consistent contract job. What was I thinking? Too much work, and I don't get to have any fun.

It seems I am experiencing a lull so to speak between doctor appointments. My next appointment was to be on Tuesday for my therapist but she canceled because she has to go to a funeral. My back doctor isn't until September (unless it gets fit in) so I only have my radiation oncologist in mid-august some time. So I guess in all this spare time, I can do more work? Hmmm... My daily walks have been lacking and my garden has weeds. I will stick with them.

In examining my calendar, I decided to start color coding things. I leave all the work crap in white so it isn't overwhelming. Medical crap is in red so I can't forget it. But vacations or time away, is in green. I have lots of green planned on my calendar in the next three months: a weekend on the beach in RI, a weekend on Cape Cod, a weekend camping in New York, and week in a cottage on the ocean in Maine, and a long weekend to my college reunion in WI. All that between now and the beginning of October.

I'll just take my pain meds and travel with them. My back doesn't like travel. And I can't carry things over 20 lbs - wheeled luggage here I come! I think I'll also have to get better at the look pathetic at the luggage that needs to go into the overhead bin when I fly to WI by myself. The rest of the time Walter knows he gets to carry everything.

Speaking of travel, Walter is going to San Diego tomorrow for the week. I will be home by myself so I am planning nights out with my friends to fill my time. I'll also have to give kitty his shots. I have now done it three times and its been okay. But the needle isn't going into me so I think I can handle it.

Its a beautiful day. We are off for a walk and then to the local diner for a breakfast of grease and fat (well maybe slightly healthy, they have an awesome side of fruit...)

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